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Mary's Room Stories 

After our nation's economy collapsed in 2007, many families in the U.S. were affected. Some lost jobs, some others lost their homes, many lost their dreams and their sense of hope. Through Mary's Room we intend to rebuild that hope and that sense of future. Here are some stories from some of our families who have found in Mary's Room a new hope.

Liz Garcia

Liz visits Mary's room once a month. She comes with her 19 month old son Jaden. After giving birth to Jaden, Liz and her husband moved to Watertown seeking better opportunities, but after searching for a while she and her husband were obligated to sell their car so they could provide food and clothing to their baby.


Once she heard about Mary's Room, Liz and her baby started to visit us monthly. She is thankful to have a place where she can find free clothing, diapers and formula for her baby. As soon as Mary's Room began to help Liz and her family, their finances were balanced to the point that her husband was able to get a second hand vehicle that allows him drive to work and provide for his family. Liz mentioned to one of our volunteers that she would like to see Mary's Room provide food and aid for children with special needs.


Carmen, her 9 month old daughter Grecia, and 9 year old nephew Christian visit Mary's Room twice a month. After receiving a free mattress and table from Mary's Room she said to one of our volunteers: "I do not have words to express how thankful I am. I am in a huge financial need, and you are bringing hope to my life."


After her husband was imprisoned last year, Carmen has not been able to provide for her children fully. Through Mary's Room, Carmen has been able to find a friendly community that brings her peace, hope and financial stability.

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